[jitsi-dev] Problem with Jitsi waking up


Hi Folks,

I was very exicted when Jitsi 2.0 came out and I immediately decided to
give it a try. I have also tested Jitsi 1 and Sip communicator but decided
not to stay with them, because I had problems with the speech quality and
switched back to the 3cx softphone again.

The speech quality of Jitsi 2 is superb, once the streams are up and
running. However I still have a problem that annoys me a lot, since I'd
prefer to use Jitsi over other apps due to the many nice features.

Whenever I initiate a call, everything is fine. But very often when I
receive a call it takes an "eternity" (probably "only" 10-20 seconds) until
the communication is stable after I have picked up the call. Until then I
can hear only fragments of what the caller is saying and presumably it's
the same the other way round. Often people hang up, probably because they
cannot hear me at all.

I assume that this happens because Jitsi is swapped out of memory or
whatever, since it only happens when I haven't made a call for a while.
This never happens with 3cx phone.

I use Jitsi on a core i5 laptop with Windows 7/64Bit.

Is there anything I can do to improve the wakeup behavior of Jitsi?

- Lübbe


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