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Hi Pawel,
    I follow the steps , but still failed, is there any dependencies or any other issue?


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Hi Ray,

In order to fix problem with libjitsi you need first to copy
libjitsi.jar to /lib/installer-exclude of Jitsi project. Then run
"rebuild" ant task of Jitsi project and then copy libjitsi.jar from
Jitsi's /sc-bundles to /lib/installer-exclude of Jitsi-Android.


On Fri, Jun 28, 2013 at 5:03 PM, MAXWELL <95143848@qq.com> wrote:

Hi Pawel,
    I found the reason why the video delay on Android device is that the
VideoEvent.REMOTE(in videoCallActivity) is recerved serveral senconds after
the mediaHandler has started transfer.
    One more thing, i modified some code in libjitsi,and rebuilded
succesfully, but after i added the libjitsi.jar
to project jitsi-android, it failed to build.
    Do you have any clues.

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Hi Ray,

On Thu, Jun 27, 2013 at 1:20 PM, MAXWELL <95143848@qq.com> wrote:

Hi Pawel,
    The problem shown here is a little bit wired so i'm wondering if it is
the caused by the ICE negotiations, it's because the video transmitted
from android device is dispalyed well on the PC side with no delay, the
delay only ocuurs to the video displayed on android side. I thought if it
related to the video componet render issues.

Yes it must be related to rendering issues probably phone can't handle
it fast enought and optimizations are required, but I can't tell when
it will be optimized. At the moment we're focused on building the UI
before the release.


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Subject: Re: problem with jitisi-android

Hi Ray,

I've noticed recently that it takes much more time to connect than
before. From the logs I can see that it waits for ICE negotiations to
complete and then call connects and it works. Maybe it's worth to
discuss it in a separate thread.

What is the problem with logging to openfire ? Could you describe it
in more details and send some logs ? Maybe we should start a new
thread about this issue also.


On Thu, Jun 27, 2013 at 12:41 PM, MAXWELL <95143848@qq.com> wrote:

Hi Pawel,Oliver,
    I failed to login with the openfire server since the project migrated
Git, so i can't test , i am using the older project from java.net.
    Now i got a new problem when testing video which i didn't notice
    When i am communicating with Extranet peers(set IsIceUse to be
audio and video streams from the Extranet PC will delay for 20+seconds
even failed , but the streams to the Extranet PC (from Intranet android
device) it is quite soon;
    on the contrary , if i set IsIceUse to be false, the problem will
disappear, but only Intranet conmmunicate is avaibable.
    Have you met this issue before ?


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Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2013 10:52:21 +0200
From: Pawe? Domas <pawel.domas@jitsi.org>
To: Oliver Chong <ochong@gmail.com>
Cc: Jitsi Developers <dev@jitsi.org>
Subject: Re: [jitsi-dev] ??? Fw:problem with jitisi-android
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Hi Oliver,

Thanks for investigating the problem. The reason why I've put
setVideoSize method there was, because that's how I understood the
previous code. I thought that those 3 bytes refer to the size, but
after looking at SPS sequence specification it's much more
complicated, so for now I'm removing this method completly. I'll get
back to it when I'll try to add possibility to adjust video size.


On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 8:51 PM, Oliver Chong <ochong@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Pawel,

I just gave the latest code a try. In its current form it doesn't work,
I determined why. The values being used to modify the SPS byte array in
H264Parameters.java setVideoSize() based on the video resolution are
incorrect (at least for my device). If I comment out the call to
setVideoSize() in DataSource.java it works.

The video on my device is 640x480 and here are the SPS values:
        = new byte[]
                (byte) 0x67,
                (byte) 0x42,
                (byte) 0x80,
                (byte) 0x28,
                (byte) 0xE9,
                (byte) 0x01,
                (byte) 0x40,
                (byte) 0x7B,
                (byte) 0x20

Note the values in array position 6,7,8.

Maybe it would be best to simply recalibrate anytime any video setting
changed as the test video should have the full correct PPS and SPS

- Oliver

On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 12:06 PM, Pawe? Domas <pawel.domas@jitsi.org> >>>> wrote:

Hi Oliver, Ray,

I've tried to solve the issue as Ray described that is by recording
short video and extracting those parameters. Then they're cached and
reused, so it's one time calibration. Also I've made attempt to
discard ??? ??? detected as NAL length. Could you please give a try
for the latest git version and report if it works now on your devices


On Tue, Jun 25, 2013 at 9:21 PM, Oliver Chong <ochong@gmail.com> wrote:
> So I've got the video working on the Galaxy S3 GT-I9300. Hopefully
> this
> will help others. Your info was great Ray.
> It does not have the NAL length issue.
> The PPS and SPS parameters are as follows:
> pic_parameter_set_rbsp
> = new byte[]
> {
> (byte) 0x68,
> (byte) 0xee,
> (byte) 0x06,
> (byte) 0xf2
> };
> seq_parameter_set_rbsp
> = new byte[]
> {
> (byte) 0x67,
> (byte) 0x42,
> (byte) 0x80,
> (byte) 0x28,
> (byte) 0xE9,
> (byte) 0x01,
> (byte) 0x40,
> (byte) 0x7B,
> (byte) 0x20
> };
> Everything generally seems to be working well though if the
> orientation
> changes it sometimes causes Jitsi to freeze while video is enabled.
> On Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 9:34 AM, MAXWELL <95143848@qq.com> wrote:
>> Hi Pawel,
>> First,to avoid the exception of nalLength(to get the real
>> nalLength),
>> eight bytes of "3F" shoule be discarded(this is specific to my
>> device):
>> else if (type == MEDIA_DATA_BOX_TYPE)
>> {
>> Log.d("DataSource","type is:MEDIA_DATA_BOX_TYPE");
>> long dis = 0;
>> long dis1 = 0;
>> dis = readUnsignedInt(inputStream,4);
>> dis1 = readUnsignedInt(inputStream,4);
>> second, in the method:
>> private void setParameterSets(Dimension size){};
>> PPS and SPS is changed to:
>> else
>> {
>> Log.d("DataSource","others");
>> pic_parameter_set_rbsp
>> = new byte[]
>> {
>> // (byte) 0x68,
>> // (byte) 0xce,
>> // (byte) 0x3c,
>> // (byte) 0x80
>> (byte) 0x68,
>> (byte) 0xce,
>> (byte) 0x06,
>> (byte) 0xe2
>> };
>> seq_parameter_set_rbsp
>> = new byte[]
>> {
>> // (byte) 0x67,
>> // (byte) 0x42,
>> // (byte) 0x80,
>> // (byte) 0x1e,
>> // (byte) 0x95,
>> // (byte) 0xa0,
>> // (byte) 0x58,
>> // (byte) 0x25,
>> // (byte) 0x10,
>> (byte) 0x67,
>> (byte) 0x42,
>> (byte) 0xC0,
>> (byte) 0x16,
>> (byte) 0xE9,
>> (byte) 0x01,
>> (byte) 0x40,
>> (byte) 0x7B,
>> (byte) 0x20,
>> };
>> The parameters should be set according to the MPEG-4 file,you can
>> find
>> them in the file i sent you ealier,the file name is:love.MPEG_4.
>> Regards ,
>> Ray
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>> ???: "MAXWELL"<95143848@qq.com>;
>> ??: "dev"<dev@jitsi.org>;
>> ??: Re: Fw:problem with jitisi-android

>> Hi Ray,
>> Could please send a patch with your changes that fixed the problem ?
>> I've been trying to compare our parameters from mpeg files and they
>> are
>> different indeed. But mine doesn't exactly match those hardcoded and
>> it
>> still works.
>> Regards,
>> Pawel
>> On Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 10:59 AM, MAXWELL <95143848@qq.com> wrote:
>>> Hi,Pawel,
>>> The problem has been fixed to some extent, this is what i did:
>>> This method is to specify PPS and SPS for different devices, we
>>> should set SPS?PPS according to the file

>>> (THE full mpeg-4 file,not the raw stream ) we got earlier,as shown
>>> below,PPS and SPS is located behind avcC,(there's lot of
>>> information
>>> about
>>> SPS AND PPS ,so i am not going to tell the details, it's quite
>>> easy).
>>> And it works .
>>> Also thanks Oliver ,your suggestion is also helpful.
>>> Regards ,
>>> Ray
>>> ////////////////////////
>>> Hi Ray,
>>> I've recorder sample video using "DUMP_FILE" method which uses
>>> streaming
>>> format. By comparing those two and looking at the code you're
>>> right:
>>> it's
>>> expected that 3f3f3f3f will be nalLength in your case. I'm not
>>> familiar yet
>>> with those box types and so on, but I'll be looking at it soon. If
>>> it
>>> might
>>> be of any help for you my dump file is attached.
>>> Regards,
>>> Pawel
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