[jitsi-dev] Porting Jitsi to FreeBSD



I am working on porting Jitsi to FreeBSD. Until now, I have created and
submitted a FreeBSD port for Jitsi. It is not yet in the Ports tree but
you can test it by downloading the jitsi.shar file of the PR [1]. This
port installs version 1.0.

At the moment, I am working with a nightly build
(jitsi-src-1.1.4456.10418.zip) and like the previous version, it builds
successfully. But unfortunately, I am not able to make audio and video
to work. For audio, PortAudio is not available in the Audio System drop
down menu (neither something else), and for video, there is not any
device that you can select. This is the output that I get when running
Jitsi from a terminal. [2]

I tried to copy the shared libraries of Linux located in
lib/native/linux into the /usr/local/lib/jitsi/lib/native directory but
it does not work. Then, I downloaded libjitsi and tried to build
portaudio (src/native/portaudio) but it did not compile because of an
error (make: don't know how to make src/common/pa_allocation.lo. Stop).

If you have any advice about how I can make at least audio working, I
would be very interested to hear it.



[1] http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/query-pr.cgi?pr=174208
[2] http://aetos.it.teithe.gr/~tzabal/files/jitsi_output.txt