[jitsi-dev] PortAudio issue

Hi there,

I tried jitsi again today, this time todays nightly. PortAudio on Arch
on my side, PulseAudio on Linux Mint Debian Edition on my partners side.

Tody we had a call of 1:25, first with video, which mostly worked,
except that my partner didn't get to see the picture (video stream was
apparently received though, judging by the call information).

When we ended the video part of the call, I saw the red lock item,
standing for unencrypted transmission, whereas it was shown as
encrypted during the video part of the call.

After 1:25 I experienced the same issue I encountered before, My
partner could still hear me, but not the other way around. Jitsi
also got very unresponsive, everything was delayed by a few seconds,
even text messages. There was no way to establish another call short of
restarting my machine. My interpretation of this is that there's some
major problem with PortAudio that occurs after a certain time.