[jitsi-dev] Polish letter ż eating the previous one



The problem is with polish letter "ż" which is typed by hitting "right Alt"+z in standard polish keyboard layout. When I type text in the chat window and hit "right Alt"+z the previous lettter is _replaced_ by letter ż. What I expect is to append the letter to the text.
In different words when i try to type "straż" I get "strż" becouse "ż" instead of being appended replaces the letter "a". For now I just put a redundant letter whis is eaten.

The problem doesn't occur when typing other polish letters (e.g. "ć" by "right Alt"+c ). It happens when typing both "ż" and "Ż"("right Alt"+shitf+z). It happens _only_ in the chat window not when for example changing contact name, searching for contacts or typing status.
It doesn't happen when I copy-paste ż.

some technical details:

1.0-alpha6-nightly.build.3303 (as far as I remeber previous versions also suffered)
Windows XP SP3 Home, polish
Java 6u23

Dominik Wójt

sip-communicator0.log.0 (24.5 KB)