[jitsi-dev] [PATCH] XEP-0184 (message delivery receipts) implementation

Hello, dev!

Our patch implements XEP-0184 (message delivery receipts) for jabber
The patch works as follows:
1. Adds the information about this feature in the Service Discovery
information response.
2. Adds receipt requests to jabber outgoing messages.
3. When it receive an ack message it adds a tick picture to a message in
the chat window by the corresponding id.
3. Sends a message delivery receipt as a response to incoming messages
which include a receipt request.

But there is a one uncertain part of code. In the jitsi project there is
a MessageDeliveryReceiptEvent. This event should be used when we receive a
message delivery receipt. However, as I uderstood, in the Jabber Protocol
this event is using when sending a message to a contact, with some given
extensions (in the method
ContactResource, Message, PacketExtension))
So I created a new event and named it MessageDeliveredEvent. And then I
added two parameters (isEdited and isDelivered) in the
net.java.sip.communicator.impl.gui.main.chat.ChatMessage class. Suchwise I
separated this two events from each other, but I'm not sure in this
If there can be a better solution, I can change this code.
Please, advise me!

Best regards,
Semyon Baranov
mobile: +7 925 369 9878
skype: silex89
icq: 431469408

XEP-0184_message_delivery_receipts.patch (71.6 KB)