[jitsi-dev] [PATCH] Modify the targets 'ffmpeg', 'libvpx', and 'video4linux2' to build the libraries for FreeBSD


Operating System: FreeBSD 9.1-RELEASE amd64
LibJitsi version: Latest source code snapshot in time of writing (commit cfe766cddf)

The attached patch modifies the targets 'ffmpeg', 'libvpx', and 'video4linux2' of the src/native/build.xml file in order to be able to build the libjnffmpeg.so, libjnvpx.so, and libjnvideo4linux2.so shared libraries for FreeBSD.

I have used these 3 libraries in order to:
-> have detected the camera of my laptop in the drop down menu of Video settings in Options
-> be able to use the VP8 option in encodings for video calls
-> make a successful video call


src-native-build.xml.2.diff (3.26 KB)


Tzanetos Balitsaris

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Pushed into jitsi/libjitsi's master as commit
942c6ab3e8349da31488623bcf0d61638beec1e2 and acknowledged on our Team
and Contributors page at https://jitsi.org.

Thank you, Tzanetos Balitsaris!