[jitsi-dev] [PATCH] Enable the detection of PulseAudio and Video4Linux2 systems under FreeBSD


Operating System: FreeBSD 9.1-RELEASE amd64
LibJitsi version: Latest source code snapshot in time of writing (commit cfe766cddf)

The attached patch modifies the file src/org/jitsi/impl/neomedia/device/DeviceSystem.java to register PulseAudio as a supported audio system and Video4Linux2 as a supported video backend, for FreeBSD.

If you accept this patch, please rebuild LibJitsi and copy the generated libjitsi.jar in lib/installer-exclude of Jitsi in order to integrate the changes that affect the audio and video detection for FreeBSD.


src-org-jitsi-impl-neomedia-device-DeviceSystem.java.diff (1.12 KB)


Tzanetos Balitsaris

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Pushed into jitsi/libjitsi's master as commit
a9c5793ab046bda7178652f40e24d1bd4fb6468e and into jitsi/jitsi's master
as commit 610f0ae934f36100d8891986f14c8cddb5f24dda and acknowledged on
our Team and Contributors page at https://jitsi.org.

Thank you, Tzanetos Balitsaris!