[jitsi-dev] [PATCH] Added implementation for sip response 180 to be retransmitted 3 times



The patch implements the following functionality:
After the first response 180, 3 more responses are sent. The interval
between the responses can be set in the configuration file. The second
retransmission of the message is sent after (2 * the value of the interval)
milliseconds after the first one have been sent. And the third - after (4 *
the value of the interval) milliseconds. The default interval is 500ms. If
the state of the incomming call is changed during the retransmissions,
sending of the responses stops.

The patch can be tested if you receive an incomming call and if you wait a
little more than (6 * the value of the configured interval) after the first
response 180 is sent, before you answer or hang up the call, 3 more
responses 180 should be sent. If you hang up for example after the second
retransmission and before the third, only 2 retransmissions should be sent.


response_180_retransmit.txt (5.88 KB)