[jitsi-dev] OTR


Hey all

One of our apprentices will start working on Jitsi's OTR next week. As I don't use it myself, could we collectively compile a list of bugs in the current state and requested features?

What I know of:
(b) OTR communication fails through gmail (JITSI-844)
(b) Authentication of a contact: Window too small (JITSI-903)
(b) Issues mentioned as comment in JITSI-758

(f) Authenticating contacts across various IM clients (JITSI-843)
(f) Import/Export of fingerprints (JITSI-758)
(f) Multiple fingerprints per contact

b = Bug
f = Feature Request
JITSI-x refers to our issue tracker: http://java.net/jira/browse/JITSI