[jitsi-dev] OTR: message that was intended for another session/logged in multiple times and OTR has established multiple sessions

Hey MS,

Thanks for the additional details! I tried to reproduce the problem
without much success :frowning: I'm going to have a look at the logs you sent
later today (thanks for sending them!) and that hopefully will give us
more information on the conditions under which the error occurred.

I'll send a message here if I manage to make any progress. In the
meantime, if you manage to gather more details, please share it with us




On Sat, May 10, 2014 at 09:13:05PM +0200, Mr Smith wrote:

Hello George,
as I am not sure if my reply was sent, I sent it again:
thx a lot for reply! I already sent the logs to support@jitsi.com:

So far it occurs only with one buddy, who keeps his PC (Ubuntu) at
working place running 24/7, using XMPP account at jabber.ccc.de with
priority 15.

From time to time he connects at his home with same account using

priority 25 to ensure proper sending of messages.

Today he was at working place, home PC was turned off and this issue
occurred (I reported already some time ago and also opened a ticket), I
use an XMPP account at GMX.
I hope at least the logs are useful as in the moment I cannot provide
some crucial steps which lead to the issue

We both use Jitsi, at least me always with latest nb version on Mac, he
uses on all his PCs Ubuntu with Jitsi as well (so OTR problems occurs
between Jitsi clients)
(Jitsi version on both sides are nightly builds at least after Marin
introduced the OTR updates, which in general work very nicely!)

With other buddies who use only one PC or Mac with one Jitsi client I
did not notice anything so far.

kind regards, thx

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