[jitsi-dev] OTR authenticate GUI issue


I am experiencing an issue with the OTR GUI frames. It might just be me
who has an unusual screen resolution/font size combination but I think I
also saw some colleges having this issue too.

The problem is that there is not enough room in the frames for all the
information and input fields. For instance the "I have/have not" field
is not visible without resizing the frame and even sometimes resizing
the frame does not help. The result for a user that does not notice this
is that they click "authenticate buddy" without knowing that "I have not
verified" is selected and thus nothing happens which causes some
confusing (on top of trying to get people understand OTR).

Ubuntu 14.04
OpenJDK 1.6.0_31, OpenJDK 1.7.0_55


(All input fields are not visible)

(Only parts of the input field visible)

(Maximizing the window helps)