[jitsi-dev] optional video at start of call on meet.jit.si


I hope this is the right place to ask this. I did find someone asking this question before in this list, but I think that was some time ago.

Meet.jit.si is what I've been waiting for for years - and I still can't believe how much people rely on Skype and Hangouts with all their drawbacks.

But. Every time I try to introduce someone to meet.jit.si, I have to warn them that the camera is on by default. If I forget to warn people in advance, they get upset (worse, in my experience, than when people get upset about auto-playing videos on a web page).

Could there be a flag in the url that causes the video feeds to be off by default? Is it easy to turn it off by default if hosting jitmeet yourself? Does no one else find this an issue?