[jitsi-dev] Openfire meetings button


Dear all,

I have a special requirement about jisti but I am totaly unable to set it up.

Situation :
- I work in a very small company and we use Jitsi all day long to comunicate. We love it. However, screen sharing on Jitsi doesn't work well for us, so we additionnaly use Google Hangout for this. I am fed up with the connection process + I prefer to not to use Googles services as much as i can.
- My xmpp server (Openfire) runs on Windows Server 2008 and I didn't achieve to install Jitsy meet on it (I have no machine on Linux).
- I installed openfire meetings but it requires to use Chrome and like Google Hangout : the connection process is boring.

Questions :
- Is there anyway to add a button to Jitsi interface that would open a browser window on a meeting room. At least Openfire meetings, at best Jitsi meet if next point is doable.
- Is there a way to install jitsi meet on Windows Server?

I don't know if it is the right way to ask these questions but I would appreciate any help
Thank you.




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