[jitsi-dev] News -> RSS



I created a script yesterday that turns the sections of our news page into
RSS articles, providing a feed at [0]. In order not to break the script,
please stick to the following format:



Exactly like this on its own line:
year.month.date - '''title text'''\\
2013.01.10 - '''Join us at FOSDEM 2013!'''\\

Although it's not breaking anything, avoid using wiki syntax or any HTML
stuff in the title. It makes no sense for RSS readers.

Do not create two or more news items with the same date - the date is used
as the GUID for the feed readers! So please take attention when copy-pasting
from existing items.

Put any text after the title, including wiki syntax, html etc., but avoid
using Javascript, <embed>, inline css or similar stuff (images are fine).
Separate the content with double newline from the next title.

More examples? Take a look at the existing entries.


[0] https://jitsi.org/Main/News?action=newsfeed