[jitsi-dev] new feature request: externalize extra contact information



This is probably a feature request (not sure if Jitsi can already do this).

When I search for a contact I get a listing in the tree but I'd like to see a lot more information like the contact's picture, the logo icon of the contact's firm, if any, a link to the contact's company web site, etc.
Since the "etc" can be very customizable, maybe the simplest solution would be to add a web link icon for each contact tree node (for each contact found). So the Jitsi user or admin would only need to optionally set a "property" pointing to a URL, or even simply a custom program/script. If this property is set then Jitsi would display the icon for each contact found and pass the URL or the custom script an argument: the contact name, in quotes.
Of course, the URL or custom script would be an external search engine that would display all the necessary contact information.
Another solution would be to add an extra field in the LDAP configurator: "URL" or "command path+name". This way, the LDAP admin would use a field to store a URL for each contact. Jitsi would only need to display an icon with this field value and launch it via "shell exec".

Can I open a feature request for this?