[jitsi-dev] Need Number Block for Sip Mailbox and Jitsi Android - can not install on Cyanogen Mod 7


It would be usefull if there is a number-block for Jitsi-Android, I need it for my Voice Mailbox...
I wasn't able to install Jitsi Android on Cyanogen-Mod 7.

Until Now there isn't Facebook Chat in Jitsi Android yet...

Please implement VP9 or H265 for usual Jitsi that would be great for Video over IP with slower Internet Connections (400-800 Kbps Upload).
And more also not so high Res Widescreen Resolutions would be also great...

Very Cool that you are keeping in active Developement :slight_smile:
I Love Jitsi (^_^)
Great Client