[jitsi-dev] native outlook code possibly not updated ?


Hi all,
I'm developing a 32-bit stand-alone application to import outlook contacts in a 64-bit system with a 32-bit Office installation.
This is a native application (visual c++), but I "got inspiration" from (native) code used by Jitsi.
By now I can to import contacts and contact properties; I only have problems with contact picture.
It seems ( see MSOutlookAddrBookContactQuery.java line 411 ) that jitsi imports contact picture (essentially) by calling IMAPIProp_GetProps, a native method that simply calls the GetProps IMAPI API, with the PR_ATTACHMENT_CONTACTPHOTO id.
In my code I can't obtain contact picture this way ... furthermore MSDN describes a completelly different procedure about picture import.

I'm wondering if the native code available on SV (in particular net_java_sip_communicator_plugin_addrbook_msoutlook_MsOutlookAddrBookContactQuery.cxx) is the latest version (i.e. if the compiled version is really obtained from this file).

Thanks in advance for any clarification and/or suggestion.



Andrea Murru