[jitsi-dev] Multiple xmpp accounts with the same username but different server dont work


It seems that Jitsi cannot use multiple accounts with the same username and different servers for xmpp.
My problem is this:

Our company has its mails on google (with companyname.com ), but we also have a Cisco UCM installation where the users have to log in with the same username as the gmail address for Jabber messaging, but we have to use our internal server of course.

Now i tried to add both google and Cisco Jabber accounts to Jitsi and the first (any of them) worked fine, but when i tried to add the another and clicked "add" nothing happened (the window dissapeared, but the account didnt appear on the accounts list).
I suppose the user name is the key for account identification, but in cases like this this is an issue.
Can this be changed in some way to take into account the account name+ server too?

Kertesz Laszlo