[jitsi-dev] Multi user conference security



I am interested in the status of the development in Jitsi regarding
multi user audio/video conference.

Specifically my use case would be:
- Multiple attendees
- Group chat
- Secure audio
- Secure video from one attendee (screen sharing)

I have tried audio conference and video conference with three attendees
and have some questions regarding zrtp and its visual indicators.

On the first page of the attached pdf the audio call window from the
three attendees is shown. For the host of the conference the zrtp
indicator shows as green and says "Call secured". However in the two
attendees clients only the connection with the host is indicated as
secured and the other says "Call not secure".

The second page of the attached pdf shows an video conference where the
host shares the screen. The situation seems to be the same here.

What does this mean for the security of the conference?

Best regards,

conf1.pdf (306 KB)