[jitsi-dev] More doubts about jitsi


Thank you very much for your answers, Emil. Here are some comments /
more questions.


На 31.08.11 09:26, karolas@mail.md написа:

Hi. Happy to learn about the work you are doing on jitsi. I would like
to make a suggestion: That someone add Jitsiś features to Features and
Features2 in
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_instant_messaging_clients - it is
missing. > >>> Well I do see it in all the tables on the page you quote.
Did you mean another page?

It is in all tables but not in the last

two- called Features and Features 2.

> >>> Are all servers

essentially the same? > >>> No they are not. I am not sure which
differences you are interested in though.

Privacy mostly I think,

like not logging, but it seems not to be a

problem if using the

builtin encryptions.

Any recommendation on what XMPP and SIP server to

choose, or is there a

place where I can see reliable comparison

between servers?

> >>> Is it sufficient to use otr and encryption

plugins? > >>> Sufficient for what? What encryption plugins?

Sufficient to avoid interception from the server and 3rd parties. From
your answer I believe yes. Aw, no other encryption plugins, not needed I

> > >>> If I use XMPP to message with a skype > >>> You cannot

really use XMPP to chat with a skype user. Skype uses a proprietary
protocol that has nothing to do with XMPP. In the case of Facebook, they
do seem to be using XMPP for the FB2Skype chats but that's not really an
interop scenario.

From recently now it is possible to:


> >>> or gtalk or

facebook user off-the-record, is it guaranteed to not be recorded by
skype or Google or facebook?

>>> There might be some confusion here.

What Google call "off the record" is

just the possibility they give

you not to keep archives of your

sessions. What we call OTR does

stand for the same words (i.e. "Off The

Record") but it is actually

a mechanism to encrypt text messages.

>>> As for the difference

between the two: Trusting Google's "Off the

record" feature comes

down to whether or not you trust Google to keep

their word on that.

Technically they still have the possibility to log

your chats

without you knowing it.

>>> With OTR it comes down to trusting the

encryption mechanisms. If anyone

wants to log your chats with OTR,

then they would have to find a way to

break those.

I had

understood that difference between otr already, so to clarify, my

question was if you use jitsi with jitsi's OTR to talk to another

using gtalk. Does that work at all? I would say no, because the


person would have to have OTR-encryption and google does not

have this

feature, right?

What about you using a XMPP account in

jitsi with jitsi's otr and the

other person using another XMPP client

that supports otr natively or

thru plugin (like pidgin I think does)

would that work? But I think XMPP

clients normally dont have video

encryption, only text.

> >>> If I use XMPP video or phone call with a

skype >>> I am not aware of a way to do XMPP video calls between XMPP
and Skype


I asked this because of this skype new feature

of adding XMPP.

> >>> or gtalk user can it be intercepted by skype or

Google? >>> If you don't use encryption - then yes. If you do have ZRTP
active for your session, then you should be safe.

hm, so it depends if

skype added this feature or no, no idea.

> >>> If no, is there any

way I can communicate with those users, using that protocol, without
being logged by third parties? Any particular advantage of SIP over
XMPP? (Because XMPP seems to be more popular.) > > >>> SIP is widely
adopted for telephony services around the whole world.

XMPP is the

de-facto standard for instant messaging. Since the

appearance of

Jingle, XMPP is also seeing significant adoption for

telephony but

it's nowhere near SIP.

Semantically both protocols are quite

similar (with a few syntactic

differences) and the actual

differences between the two protocols mostly

comes down to the

products that support them.

In other words, while in theory you

can do the same things with both

protocols, in practice, those that

implement SIP tend to have more

telephony oriented features and less

IM/Presence related ones. Similarly

XMPP implementations would often

come with a great IM/Presence

featureset, but would often lack some

of the more advanced

telephony-oriented features that SIP products


In the case of Jitsi - we try to keep them leveraged as

much as

possible. Still, XMPP does have an edge with the IM part and

SIP servers

that Jitsi connects to simply offer more audio/video

services that are

not commonly available for XMPP users.

hm, that

was my previous impression. Is the text, audio and video encryption of
jitsi the same for both SIP and XMPP, or is SIP safer? I ask because if
encryption is the same, then using just XMPP makes it simpler, because
it has interface with other popular platforms and so easier to convince
more friends to migrate, because I can say hey, you can talk to skype
gtalk and facebook too - even if unencrypted. And when I talk to those
friends jitsi to jitsi, we could both encrypt. And no need to create an
account for XMPP and an account for SIP. I don't know if this makes

One more question I have is if audio and video encryption


available for computer-to-phone calls and videocalls, or just

computer-to-computer, both for XMPP and SIP? Does jitsi support this

all, by the way - paying of course? > > If not, any alternatives to

skype you could recommend, that uses

encryption computer-to-phone and

no risk of logging? (hm, Skype uses

encryption, but their code is

closed so skype itself could log and store

stuff I suppose.)