[jitsi-dev] Missing Link: Web and Jitsi integration


Hi experts,

I'm new on this list. I have tried to search the mailing-lists. But
their is still a missing link in my picture how to integrate Jitsi as
a Desktop application with Web driven pages.

... is simple and a key feature of Sharepoint2010 (Web) and Lync2010
(on Desktop).
Where ever possible presence/contact information is tight to
person-names on webpages. With a simple click on one of chat, mail,
voice (with or without video) icon on the webpage ==> Lync takes over
and started the action.

... does anybody have a clue how this integration can be established?
I don't know how SP2010/Lync do this nor if there is a
solution/pattern for Web/Jitsi integration.

Any hint is welcome!