[jitsi-dev] MediaPlayer


I successfully ran the AVTransmit2 and AVReceive2 examples.

Now how would i play the video from receive stream and how to play
video that i transmitting? I searched Jitsi's classes but im so
confused. There are too many classes.

Do i need to focus JMF's createPlayer method? If not, which methods let
me to do this?



i had same with this problem. i did not show video on my little GUI so
i suspend this Program. i do not know how to entegre Jitsi's Classes
to AVTransmit and AVReciever(T/R) but i thing JMF's mediaPlayer class
is not necessary for T/R. There are some class in Jitsi Source Code,
right, but they are very complex for newbie. maybea PastMasters are
help to you in here. if you solve this turn me :)) so maybea i will
back for this. good luck