[jitsi-dev] [Libjitsi] - Poor audio quality on Windows XP


i have downloaded Jitsi (v 2.2.4603.9615).
I tested it on Windows XP SP3. The audio quality is very good.
After, i pick up libjitsi.jar of this install and run the two examples
class (AVReceive2 and AVTransmit2) with PCMA/8000.
I have a poor quality audio on windows XP. But on windows 7, the audio
quality is good.
After going through the sources Jitsi and Libjitsi, i do not see why using
just libjitsi, the audio quality is poor only on windows XP.
Is there a setting or a specific development for Windows XP that improves
the audio quality ?

Thank you in advance for the answer.
L Régnier