[jitsi-dev] [libjitsi] FFmpeg AMR-NB



We are currently using libjitsi to decode AMR-WB audio from our Java
application. We also need to decode AMR-NB and have since realised that
the jnffmpeg.dll JNI library from the jitsi-lgpl-dependencies repository is
compiled against a version of FFmpeg which disables the AMR-NB decoder.

Is there any reason why AMR-NB is disabled? Is it due to licensing issues?

I've managed to recompile jnffmpeg.dll with OpenCORE AMR enabled using the
instructions I found here -

I've had to write my own JNIDecoder class to get this working. This class
was based off the org.jitsi.impl.neomedia.codec.audio.amrwb.JNIDecoder
class in the libjitsi repository. If this is useful to anyone, we are
happy to create a pull request and get this merged in somehow. I was just
wondering why AMR-NB is not included by default? Thanks.