[jitsi-dev] Language config


Dear Jitsi professionals,

Please, help my colleague,

We have finished the translation and can't use it till now.

I'm sure many of you know the answer, please help.

Arthur Petrosyan


On June 15, 2016 1:07:25 PM GMT+04:00, Sergey Petrosyan <sergo@sci.am> wrote:

    Could anyone please help me to configure language settings in Jitsi Meet
    to exclude languages I don't need and add new Armenian language, which we
    ave recently translated via Pootle.

    I tried a lot to find a way of tweaking language config, but I can't find
    where in source I should edit or add code to do that.

      Also I didn't understand how to make Pootle .po language files to become
    .json to be put in lang directory

      Thanks for any help


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