[jitsi-dev] JitsiMeet Broken after update to Commit 71c08450bb

Hi, George:Thanks a lot for your quick answer!Btw, is there any log in Chrome' js console or videobridge's jvb.log that can show the simulcast effect?

Hello Yanchong Wang,

This enables adaptive simulcast that augments the basic simulcast
functionality. It basically instructs the bridge to only send low
quality video (for all the participants) to an endpoint, *if* it detects
that that endpoint doesn't have enough downlink bandwidth.

Hope this helps!



On 26/11/2014 14:03, WangYanchong wrote:

Hello, *George Politis*
*There are two simulcast related config:
    adaptiveSimulcast: false,
    enableSimulcast: false

As from the mail list, "enableSimulcast" in config.js is for turn on/off
of Simulcast feature for videobridge.
What is the purpose of "adaptiveSimulcast" parameter?

Thanks and Best Regards
Yanchong Wang

Thanks and Best RegardsYanchong Wang