[jitsi-dev] [jitsi-videobridge] JVB downstream RTP/RTCP link Setup implementation



After further investigation, I came to the following conclusions:

1. I have mixed up the testing of the “Tools | Create a conference call
and “Tools | Create a video bridge

All my earlier test successfully is actually on “Tools | Create a conference
” and is still working till now with the latest source build.

2. The observation on testing “Tools | Create a video bridge
” are still
valid with my understanding as below.

Actually a single RTP/RTCP channel pair is sufficient for both the upstream
and downstream on each media type e.g. (audio or video).

The earlier captured log (previous mail), indicated that both RTP/RTCP
channels have been successfully established between the videobridgeó caller

Videobridge ó calling party.

However from the earlier test result, which are still observed on the latest
source build i.e.

Both the downstream audio/video are not sent/relay by the videobridge to the
caller or calling parties.

I have created two test accounts on jit.si, the same result is being
observed i.e. not downstream audio are being sent.

2a. Anyone observed the same problem as me, or it is just my setup?

3. Any advice is appreciated on what are the things I can try to make
“Tools | Create a video bridge
” working properly.

------------ earlier remarks ------------

# 1. Why jvb is making an attempt to establish a link to a JID client

a firewall? I would expect such attempt will fail as it is blocked by the

client firewall; I see that this port is not opened from the earlier debug

traces and there is no time-to-live period available for jvb to make

connection. Note: I would expect the problem still exist even jvb is not

behind firewall.

Eng: Actually the jitsi-videobridge is testing all the received remote
condidates. even after both rtp/rtcp pairs have been establish.

The failing message is only a status update of the remote candidates, tests.


CM Eng