[jitsi-dev] [jitsi-videobridge] Generic interface for cloud based metric collector services (#40)

Reference implementation for NewRelic is also added
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-- Commit Summary --

  * Formatting needed files
  * OSGI class changes reverted, format applied
  * Adding generic cloud based metric collector support and reference implementation for NewRelic

-- File Changes --

    A lib/newrelic-api.jar (0)
    M src/org/jitsi/videobridge/Channel.java (1372)
    M src/org/jitsi/videobridge/Conference.java (2833)
    M src/org/jitsi/videobridge/Content.java (1985)
    M src/org/jitsi/videobridge/RtpChannel.java (2604)
    M src/org/jitsi/videobridge/Videobridge.java (2176)
    A src/org/jitsi/videobridge/metrics/MetricService.java (165)
    A src/org/jitsi/videobridge/metrics/MetricServiceActivator.java (34)
    A src/org/jitsi/videobridge/metrics/MetricServicePublisher.java (61)
    A src/org/jitsi/videobridge/metrics/NewRelicMetricPublisher.java (86)
    M src/org/jitsi/videobridge/osgi/OSGi.java (312)

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Closed #40.


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