[jitsi-dev] Jitsi-VideoBridge: DataChannel and BUNDLE

Thanks Pawel, that makes sense.

So I am using the REST-API to create the Peer Connection (see below).

But I ran into the following issues for the SCTP-Connection:

  • jnopenssl, Did you create a JNI layer to OpenSSL for OSX? I can’t find it anywhere
  • TlsFatalAlert error (Is that related to the missing OpenSSL lib?)
    JVB Console:

WARNING: Failed to employ OpenSSL (Crypto) for an optimized HMAC-SHA1 implementation: no jnopenssl in java.library.path

WARNING: Failed to employ OpenSSL (Crypto) for an optimized SHA-1 implementation: no jnopenssl in java.library.path

Jul 01, 2015 11:29:37 PM org.ice4j.ice.Agent setState

INFO: ICE state changed from Completed to Terminated

INFO: ICE processing state of IceUdpTransportManager #7df10d82 (for channels 42581bcceedaf175 93040e39428ba638 b784eb8472721ee8) of conference 72333139bfc69367 changed from Completed to Terminated.

SEVERE: Failed to decode a DTLS record!


at org.bouncycastle.crypto.tls.TlsBlockCipher.decodeCiphertext(Unknown Source)

at org.bouncycastle.crypto.tls.DTLSRecordLayer.receive(Unknown Source)

at org.bouncycastle.crypto.tls.DTLSTransport.receive(Unknown Source)



"contents" : 



         "name" : "audio", 

           "channels" : [ { "expire" : 60, "channel-bundle-id" : "1234567","endpoint" : "4aca6ed6", } ] 



        "name" : "video", 

        "channels" : [ { "expire" : 60, "channel-bundle-id" : "1234567","endpoint" : "4aca6ed6", } ] 



        "name" : "data",

        "sctpconnections" : [{"expire" : 60, "channel-bundle-id" : "1234567", "endpoint" : "4aca6ed6", "initiator" : "true" }]







2015-07-01 15:16 GMT+02:00 Paweł Domas pawel.domas@jitsi.org:


On Wed, Jul 1, 2015 at 2:44 PM, dr.andreas.rice@gmx.net wrote:


Jitsi-VideoBridge works great with PLAN B/Unified PLAN.

I am not clear on the data channels, it looks like only port 5000 is

currently supported in the Jitsi VideoBridge.


SDP example:

m=application 1 DTLS/SCTP 5000

a=sctpmap:5000 webrtc-datachannel 1024

So does a=rtcp-mux has any effect on the data channel? Is it possible to

bundle the datachannel as well?

What about Firewall restrictions when port 5000 is blocked?

Port 5000 is used only in Sctp stack logic and has nothing to do with

UDP/TCP ports used in the actual transport. Enabling bundle also

bundles the data channel.



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