[jitsi-dev] [jitsi-users] The connected facebook users change to xmpp IDs in the jitsi contact list


I realize it's more convenient for Jitsi to take the blame because it's easier to get responses from us than it is from Facebook maintenance. Unfortunately however, there's nothing we could do about this.

The cause for this is clear and there really is no mystery: Facebook tells us the names and we update them. Facebook tells us you have no name and we show your JID. That's it.

It's more precise to say "there's nothing we *should* do about this right *now*" because facebook might fix the problem, especially if people complain.

At present, Facebook chat is really not usable by Jitsi, Adium, etc. because you cannot realistically find people by their facebook account number. So, if this problem persists then you'd eventually want to either work around it by keeping the old names, as facebook's own client does, or by removing facebook from the list of networks supported by Jitsi. Conversely, if you work around the problem too quickly then nobody complains to facebook and their XMPP just grows worse to deal with as time goes by.

What if we kept a separate "facebook hacks" patch or version but asked that users sent a specific complaint email to facebook before using it? That way facebook at last hears about it.

Facebook XMPP Developer Relations:
The group is closed though and I am not sure what there acceptance

It says "If you'd like to join, please send an email to amckinley@fb.com" but doing so gives this bounce message :

Hi, Austin McKinley is no longer at Facebook so this email address is no longer being monitored. If you need assistance, please contact another person who is currently at the company.

I ended up just submitting a complaint here :


p.s. Here was my message :

I've noticed facebook's XMPP services became unusable by outside clients recently because facebook occasionally updates all the contacts with name="". It'd be really lovely if facebook could either fix this bug in its XMPP handling or clarify that you have no intention of fixing it, so that clients can either remove facebook support or apply work arounds.
Thanks, Jeff
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