[jitsi-dev] [jitsi] Use OSGI'fied libjitsi and fmj@102+package=bundle (49ee4c5)

@ibauersachs, I'm asking for a confirmation here. We used to have a libjitsi bundle which included the libjitsi library and added a manifest and a BundleActivator. Consequently, we have two libjitsi Maven artifacts: libjitsi for the libjitsi library and jitsi-libjitsi for the libjitsi bundle. Now there's the libjitsi library only which is an OSGI bundle and the old "libjitsi bundle" is no more. Then I should remove the jitsi-libjitsi artifact for good, right (and change the dependencies on jitsi-libjitsi to libjitsi, of course)?


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