[jitsi-dev] [jitsi] Ubuntu users can not access chat window when messaged (#123)


Following on from discussion on mailing list in April and May


I have many users on `Ubuntu 12.04 LTS` and `Ubuntu 14.04 LTS` running `Jitsi 2.8` and users are having a problems

If a person has jitsi running but no Chat window open and some other person message them, they will see the message in the notification message box but the chat window never appear. If the person double click on the jitsi icon in the Unity launcher two thing may happen

1. the chat window will pop up and then minimize in a split second never accessible
2. the chat window will ever appear.

If the person has the jitsi running with chat window (to any person) open there is no problem accessing chat window

Sometimes to fix we can

1. quit and restart jitsi
2. delete ~/.jitsi but this will not always work reliable

Additionally on some occasions in either Ubuntu `12.04` or `14.04` I am see quite many time, when the chat window problem as I describe above happens, it also steal input focus so any typing you do ends up at jitsi chat window. This can be very dangerous and the only way to regain control of typing is to quit jitsi and restart.

This behavior has also resulted in links on web pages becoming unclickable or mouseover events not working.


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+1 (Ubuntu 15.10, Jitsi version 2.8.5426):

A friend messaged me, a day later I like to write him while he is offline, but I can't write, I click on the chat icon beneath the name, and chat window opens but stalls and doesn't take mouse or keyboard input, I have to kill entire jitsi and restart and still can't write back.

Solution: right click on person, select "Send Message", chat window opens and is operational.


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