[jitsi-dev] Jitsi prevents key bindings from working in other applications

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Sorry for delay. My computer broke up very unexpectedly and I've been either
sick or busy ever since. I'm still willing to solve this.

I didn't find direct way to tell from Java code to let keypresses to pass
through when not needed. Apparently that would require writing platform
specific code. However, I got another idea.

I'd like to ask here what would be the preferred way to solve it (or if there
was better option available):

1) Register and unregister global shortcuts based on their validity. For
example, when you receive call, it would register configured global shortcut to
NativeKeyboardHook and when call is declined, answered or whatever that ends
ringing, global shortuct would be unregistered. This solution would not
require changes to native code.

2) Give return value to NativeKeyboardHookDelegate.receiveKey that would
indicate whether action (e.g answering call) was valid or not so that keys
could be ungrabbed in native code. This solution feels cleaner to me but it
could potentially require changes to platform specific code. So far I haven't
noticed any Windows user complaining about this so perhaps this only affects
X11 (I don't have Mac or Windows so I can't test), in which case I would
prefer option 2.

Sorry if my question is noobish or if I'm bothering too much. I haven't
contributed earlier and I'm pretty shy when approaching unfamiliar community



On Wednesday, February 26, 2014 12:43:00 Emil Ivov wrote:

A good solution here would be to let these pass through in cases where
they don't server any purpose in Jitsi (e.g. answering a call or
hanging up). Others could indeed be disabled (e.g. hiding and showing
the contact list).

Anyone interested in working on this?