[jitsi-dev] [jitsi] Optimized groupNode (sorted) add operations. (e5e6d99)

my apology, problem still exist. Turns out the deadlock might occurs in MessageSourceService::getIndex(MessageSourceContact messageSourceContact). With that the program has some descent opportunity to run into deadlock. When I commented out the synchronization in getIndex method the program disappears.

The deadlock might occurs between GroupNode::compare which comes from GroupNode::sortedAddContact->binarySearch and int currentIndex = parentNode.getIndex(contactNode) in TreeContactList::contactChanged which both try to getIndex and lock recentMessages. I'm guessing this because whenever I change
    int index1 = node1.getSourceIndex();
    int index2 = node2.getSourceIndex(); to
    int index1 = 1;
    int index2 = 2;

  the problem disappears.

I'm not sure exactly how this is happening, the only thing I know is whenever I commented out either of the two aforementioned area the problem disappears. That's all I got for now.


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