[jitsi-dev] Jitsi on Wepad



... yesterday I installed Jitsi on a Wepad (Meego OS, touch screen, Linux based). It worked out of the box. I was even able to establish a sip and xmpp audio/video connection.

There is only one issue which renders the program unusable on that platform: Once pushed into the background by closing its main window, jitsi stays there and there is no way to bring it back as there is no system tray. What now. Obviously the Empathy from their "market" can cope with that. (but doesn't work correctly)

Anyway, I would propose a change in the way Jitsy starts (at least on Linux - probably it would not even require many changes):

In the start script, check whether Jitsi is already running
- if no - then go ahead and start Jitsi
- if yes - then bring the existing instance back into the front
Any ways to achive that without changing much? Probably the start script could do part of the work. But how to signal to a Java program to go foreground?

Thank you for help