[jitsi-dev] jitsi no working on windows 10, and windows 8.1 and add news function on android

Hi can you explain to me why jitsi no working on windows 10 32 or 64 bits all package same than admin mode you repair this problem please

and can you add ICQ i see icon icq but is not possible to add account to connect on Jitsi Android With OTR

(off the record ) and when you finish to speak and leave application all chat was showed you add function or button to clean all chat and button to clean 1 chat .

on setting you can add function to no clean conversation if people need it . i thinks this function was not dificult to code and add on the android application

why you don't make application on ios to win user because you have lots of user use ICQ application no have off the record and IM+ was not good jitsi was better because on IM+ when you just leave application otr closed and is very such pain jitsi need to button to clear chat and no store history thanks good night


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