[jitsi-dev] Jitsi nightly/stable on Fedora 20 Gnome3


Jitsi (both nightly and stable) is causing Gnome3 to crash on Fedora 20.

It is intermittent, but it seems to be primarily caused when you are closing
an option window.

For example, when you first launch a fresh install and you get the connect
wizard screen, if you click cancel, then it freezes for a couple of seconds,
and then gnome resets.

If you bring up Jitsi again (because of the broken Gnome3 integration in
Jitsi, you have to press CTRL+click the jitsi icon on the left hand side) it
then comes up as normal.

But if you then go into options, and then close the options screen, the
whole of gnome crashes and you are shown a gnome 3 "oops" window and take
back to login screen.

This is possibly an issue with Gnome3 too, but I have only seen it when
running Jitsi, everything else seems to run fine.

Jitsi doesn't do any low level stuff with the GUI, so I don't see how
it could possibly make it crash without this being a bug in gnome. I'd
open a bug there.

Jitsi has never really worked well with Gnome3, as when you minimize the
window you cant get it back without CTRL+clicking on the launcher again.

Are there any plans to support Gnome3?

That question is somewhat misleading. We do support gnome 3.

We are aware of the minimization issue you describe above. We are
going to look at it at some point but I couldn't give you an ETA.
Contributions are welcome.



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