[jitsi-dev] jitsi-meet nightly gives black screen


I figured it was better to start a new thread instead of continuing on
previous one.

Just did a fresh install on debian 8 and the nightly seems buggy.

When using Firefox (54), as soon as the 2nd participant enters we get a
black screen and no audio from remote.

Did the same exact test on Chrome (59.0.3071.115) and indeed p2p works as
expected even though the chrome console shows the following ICE error:

Logger.js:125 [conference.js] <e.value>: CONFERENCE FAILED:
conference.setup_failed Error: ICE fail
    at r.peerconnection.oniceconnectionstatechange (JingleSessionPC.js:414)
    at RTCPeerConnection.peerconnection.oniceconnectionstatechange

But as soon as a 3rd participant enters, and I presume the conference is
moved to jvb, then we get the same black screen result we had with Firefox

Should I keep this on the mailing list or should I open a ticket on github?