[jitsi-dev] jitsi meet monitoring: ansible role jiloin, security



To have a bit more monitoring on jitsi meet, I gave a try to jiloin
my work in progress role is here
(Note: it works/run even if travis failed for whatever reason)

My issue is after installation, when I login, I got only a search bar for
conference id and found nothing.
Even pointing to the name of a conference just opened gives an empty output.

Also, from what I read, in current setup, it's better to put it on the same
server than jitsi meet, right?

On security, as credentials goes into client cookies,
1- is it possible/recommended to use different influxdb credentials between
jitsi meet recording data and web access to review? (aka latter read-only)
2- is it possible to make cookie httpOnly ? (

Alternatively, any other recommendations to monitor jitsi meet?
JRES2015 from Renater mentionned jitsi meet torture (seems more load test)
and influxdb with grafana