[jitsi-dev] Jitsi Meet in Mesh for <=2-3 peers

Perfect, Thanks Devin.

Wasn’t sure if this had gone through as I had just resubscribed to the list. You may receive another copy of this, please disregard.


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See this thread on the topic of p2p for 2-3 peers and then upgrading to use the jvb if there are more users in a room. http://lists.jitsi.org/pipermail/dev/2015-November/025815.html.


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Subject: [jitsi-dev] Jitsi Meet in Mesh for <=2-3 peers

Anybody experimented with using JVB with COLIBRI/XMPP as a pure signaling mechanism (and relay only IF necessary given NAT/FW restrictions), establishing a Mesh network between peers initially and only morphing into a Star with JVB proxying all traffic once you start going over a certain threshold (say 3+ peers)?

I’m attempting some experiments with that and was wondering if anyone had any tips/suggestions,

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