[jitsi-dev] [jitsi-meet] getusermedia error for camera/video in Android


since a few days I could not run a proper videoconference with meet.jit.si or my local meet deployment on my Android device anymore:
Android Chrome (35.0.1916.141) and Nexus7 (seen the same problem for Opera browser)

Problem was opening getuserMedia with the internal camera, causing an error (TrackStartError).
The conference went on, but the Android user was not visible to himself and the audience.

I found the cause within app.js line 129

function audioStreamReady(stream) {

                                    config.resolution || '360');
    } else {

The resolution is by default set to 360. By removing that (and leaving config.resolution undefined as it is probably not set in config.js) everything works fine.
Does anybody know why a default resolution had been originally set?

BR Thomas

BTW: Does anybody know why Opera is alway asking twice or three times for the selection of front or rear camera in Android?