[jitsi-dev] [jitsi/jitsi] Some basic options for Desktop Sharing? (#287)


- to set image quality
- or to try better image compression settings, detailed settings as audio/video calls have
- or something that helps suckers as me to use this function with less than 1MBit/s upload speed.
- **some option page that similar to VNC's**
- Maybe? Please?

**I can not use this function without pulling my hair out or closing my eyes and taking deep breathes.**
_I saw once with 10MBit/s upload speed. It was beautiful and fast i could click & move with the mouse CHANGE WINDOWS and doing other unbelievable stuffs! (I was just:"WOW! No way! WTF?! Can i use the browser also? yeeaaahh!")_
That dream is over back to reality, it is -Germany, in the XXI. century-.

Thank you


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