[jitsi-dev] Jitsi Issue

Dear Dev&Supporter,

I'm experiencing your product Jitsi. My own server is: combine between
Openfire Server and Jitsi.

Operating system for Openfire: Linux (Ubuntu 14)
Operating system for Jitsi: Windows 7
Jitsi version: 2.4.4997

- At client tool (Jitsi): I configured Ldap to integrated my AD into Jitsi
to display contact from AD
- I'm using Openfire as a communicate server.
- At client tool (Jitsi): I configure XMMP account from Openfire.

My question are:

+ After configured LDAP, can find contact but cannot add contact, it show
me the message is: Waiting for authorization. But other side nothing happen
any confirmation.
+ I manually add contact from Openfire to test between 2 acc from Jitsi
client tool. Text, Voice chat... everything ok. But I'm facing a problem is
while transfer file the speed transfer is not acceptable, it's around at
500KB/s although in a same LAN connection. It must to be ~10MB/s.

---- How can I solve the above issue? Any advice for me?

Thanks & regards,

Jacky Ho