[jitsi-dev] Jitsi integration with BusyLight

Hi Emil ,

I have contacted you about 1 month ago asking your ideas about making Kuando Busylight (.NET framework) compatible with Jitsi.

The solution that i have developed is a tcp/ip socket between Jitsi and Busylight. But I have a couple of questions and I would be graceful if you could guide with some issues I am dealing with :

1) I have tried with different SIP PBX (SnomOne , 3CX) but the status icon on Jitsi (when a user is on a call) does not change automatically. I have to set it manually to e.g. Busy when answer an incoming call .
2) In a scenario when a user has an incoming call and does not want to answer it , it reject the call and voicemail takes over the call . How should I capture the CANCEL event in order to "say" to BusyLight to stop blinking ?

I am at the sip impl at the OpewrationSetBasicTelephony

Kind Regards ,

Theodore Stergiopoulos