[jitsi-dev] Jitsi GUI freezes when I select Simple chat theme view



I'd like to report a bug. Here are the steps to reproduce:

1. I have a Jitsi installation with several different protocols added (ICQ, SIP, XMPP, etc.) I am saying this because I tried reproducing the bug with a fresh Jitsi instance that has just one XMPP protocol configured and the bug did not reproduce.
2. Join some chat room.
3. Go to Menu > Tools and uncheck "Simple chat theme view", which should be checked by default.

Jitsi UI becomes unusable. Menus can still be clicked but then nothing happens. I can't even quit the program, but have to kill it from the console.

In order to use it again, I had to edit the file ~/Library/Application Support/Jitsi/sip-communicator.properties and change the property

and restart Jitsi.

Since I can't collect the logs from the UI itself, I zipped the folder ~/Library/Application Support/Jitsi/log (OSX).

Please, find attached the logs and the thread dump generated on the console with the command: jstack $jitsi_pid > dump-threads.txt

Pavel Tankov

log.zip (65.6 KB)

dump-threads.txt (52.4 KB)