[jitsi-dev] [jitsi] Fix isPrivate check in case only one useris in the room. (#21)

Hi bgrozev,

The situation is as follows:
If I join a chat room with one other person, in my case he was called ‘root’, I did not see a chat room member list in the UI.
I assume that the idea of a private chat room was as follows: If I am the only user in the chat room, then there’s no need to show the member list. However, the one member is ‘root’ and that’s not me. But still, it does not show the member list.

I am now starting to doubt whether or not I should add myself explicitly as a chat room member. I currently do not do that. Instead, I add only the other members. So it could be that that is my mistake.

Because of the above and the conditions in the code, I figured that “private” means “only me in the chatroom”. But maybe that’s not the case …



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Danny, I might be missing something, but given that this change solves your problem, then following the code, for your chatroom with one other member:

  1. getMembersCount() returns 1

  2. getMembers() includes a member with name equal to getUserNickname()

Is that intentional?

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