[jitsi-dev] Jitsi feature requests


Hi Jitsi devs!

I've not paid this wonderful project much attention recently but I tried JM
again a couple of days ago with good results.

I plan to start a new, regular webcast shortly and I would like to use JM
as the main comms platform to host it but there are a few things I'd really
love to see implemented or improved in JM that would greatly aid such a

* The ability to hide/show the JM UI so the only thing that is dislayed in
its window/tab is the video stream.

* Multiple call admins. Apparently the way JM currently works is that the
person who started the call gets admin rights and can kick others from the
call. However, if the original admins (the call starter's) connection drops
they lose admin rights and they get passed onto another user. The person
who starts the call should be able to assign additional admins so that the
right person or people gain control and can re-assign the dropped admin
their rights when they re-join the call.

* Display config options. During one-on-one chats it would be useful to be
able to split the display horizontally or vertically between the two
callers or just show the other caller.

What is the status of Meet under Android Firefox?

Finally, might I be able to set up a Jitsi videobridge server under NetBSD?

Thanks for your help!