[jitsi-dev] [jitsi] External search engine (#81)

Patches attached to allow sending the user search string to an external program such as a search engine.
For a sample screenshot example, please refer to searchExternal.jpeg.
Jitsi simply passes the user's search string as an argument to an external program defined in:
net.java.sip.communicator.impl.gui.EXEC_BUTTON_COMMAND (file path and name)Jitsi's built-in contact tree list is fast but not as flexible and data-rich as an external search engine can be (especially for system admins who need to quickly adapt Jitsi to their company's requirements).
For instance, the most advanced built-in contact source is LDAP and it works great.
However, some users may need to search for all the contacts within a specific unit or department.
They may also need to search for contacts in an ldap directory and more contacts within another database type.
Administrators may not have the time or resources to merge all the contact data within one or more LDAP directories.So this hack is pretty simple but quite versatile.
Launch a corporate/custom search engine (eg. open a web url in a browser) and do all your database searching logic externally.
Show the search results to the user and eg., display clickable sip:, xmpp:, mailto: URIs that allow quick access to the appropriate applications.External searches are slower because it requires the user to click on the icon to launch the search but it can give better/more results.
In any case, one can combine this method with an LDAP search as in the attacjed screenshot (searchExternal.jpeg).By the way, the SearchFieldUI.java patch also fixes an uncaught exception when isCallButtonEnabled is false.PHP provisioning script example:
echo "net.java.sip.communicator.impl.gui.EXEC_BUTTON_COMMAND=".$COMMANDS."/LookupContacts.exe\n";new icon (attached) taken from:
http://www.iconarchive.com/show/green-ville-icons-by-fasticon/exec-icon.htmlJitsi dev mailing list reference:http://java.net/nonav/projects/jitsi/lists/dev/archive/2012-05/message/54

(Issue migrated from https://trac.jitsi.org/ticket/1041)


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I think this could be a very useful idea but I'd really prefer it to be implemented as a contact source. This won't prevent people from launching browsers if they wish but it would allow for a much better Jitsi integration as the Users wouldn't need to push a button and the results would automatically appear in the contact list.Anyone interested in implementing this?


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