[jitsi-dev] Jitsi crashing on Mac OS 10.8.5 after clicking on camera (new nb 4894)

performed today update as usual (currently nb 4894), checking video
preview and performing videocall not possible (crash).

Jitsi starts normally, if I go to properties --> Video the FaceTime
camera LED lights up and Jitsi crashes.

Same happens when initating video call (here between Ubuntu 12.04 Jitsi
nb 4894 and the same Mac, Mac-Jitsi is crashing, unusable)

I send the logs to support@bluejimp.com

MacOS 10.8.5
Java 1.7.0_45 installed (system preferences --> Java --> General -->
About: Version 7 update 45 (build 1.7.0_45 -b18)
Jitsi nb 4894

Ubuntu 12.04
Jitsi nb 4894 (here Jitsi runs normal)